Optimist Resources

Optimist Resources

Our Optimist resources include a variety of videos focusing on boat speed, starting manoeuvres and strategy and tactics.


Boat Handling – Roll Tacking

James Parker-Mowbray takes a detailed look at how to Roll Tack an Optimist.

Boat Handling – Gybing

James Parker-Mowbray walks us through gybing in different wind strengths.

Upwind Boat Speed – Strong Wind

James Parker-Mowbray talks aboutt how we can improve our upwind boats speed in strong winds.

Upwind Boat Speed – Light Wind

James Parker-Mowbray takes a look at how to improve your upwind boat speed in light wind.

Downwind Boat Speed – Wave Surfing

James Parker-Mowbray shares some top tips to improve your downwind wave surfing technique.

Starting Manoeuvres – Trigger Pull

James Parker-Mowbray looks at one of the most important pre-start manoeuvres, the trigger pull.

Starting Manoeuvres – Scoop

James Parker-Mowbray looks another important starting manoeuvre, the scoop.

Starting Manoeuvres – Double Tack

James Parker-Mowbray takes a detailed look at double tacking pre-start.

Upwind Strategy – Wind Strength

James Parker-Mowbray walks us through how changes in wind strength across the course effect our upwind strategy.

Upwind Strategy – Wind Shifts

James Parker-Mowbray looks at how wind shifts can effect upwind strategy.

Upwind Strategy – Tidal Flow

James Parker-Mowbray talks us through the topic of tide and how that effects our strategy in turn.

Upwind Tactical Decision Making

James Parker-Mowbray walks us through our upwind tactical decision making.

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