Performance Academy European HQ

Performance Academy European HQ

Our Performance Academy European HQ is based out of our Andrew Simpson Centre on the Campione Univela site in Lake Garda, Italy. As one of the most amazing sailing locations in the world, with regular thermal winds, this central European venue is renowned for international events and training.

As an English speaking base, ASC Lake Garda offers a unique residential package for the Performance Academy. We are incredibly excited to offer bespoke international training camps and regatta support for sailors all over the world.

What we can offer


We offer a range of high quality international training camps for a variety of classes throughout the year, including ILCA, IQ Foil, Optimist, 49er & Waszp.

We can also accommodate international sailing teams for bespoke packages.



Modern and pristine accommodation, located right next to the water means that you can simply get up and get going.

Onsite Restaurant:

To get the best performance out of your sailing, our on-site restaurant provides delicious food with a focus on healthy and nutritious meals.
Gym access:
The sailors will have full access to gym facilities, to help with physical conditioning, pre-session warm ups and post-session stretches.


Training Rooms:

Onsite training rooms offer opportunities for group briefings, debriefings and performance analysis.

Boat Charter:

We can offer whole boat or hull charter for a range of classes, including Lasers, Optimists, 49ers and Waszps.

RIB Charter:

If facilitating bespoke team camps, we can provide high quality RIB charter to be used as coach boats.

Where you can find us

ASC – Lake Garda

Campione Del Garda Via R. Cozzaglio, 1

25010 Campione del Garda – (Bs)

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