About Us

High quality training for success at every level

Through our team of expert coaches, we offer high quality training for sailors in our transitional, class specific and performance pathways. We help sailors transition into a different class and provide the very best chance of success at every level.

The Performance Academy is a continuation of the brilliant work that the Andrew Simpson Foundation and our not-for-profit Centre’s achieve, creating a pathway of support and opportunities from entry level sailor through to elite athlete.

Our aim is to provide high quality training for sailors to achieve success at every level. We realise this by offering and supporting Transition training, Class specific training and performance programmes. We also offer international event support and international training camps at our European HQ and at various locations globally.

Our delivery mechanisms

ASC Performance Academy Pathway Graphic

Transitional Training

Performance Academy transition training is aimed at sailors taking their next step. Moving into a new class is exciting and our goal is to support that journey by providing a solid foundation in the new key skills. During our transitional training we will focus on boat handling, boat setup, upwind and downwind techniques and preparing/maintaining your equipment.

Suitable for:
Competent sailors who already compete at a national level and are transitioning into a new class or rig.

Class Specific Training

The Performance Academy class specific training is designed to help sailors develop skills and improve results. Our training covers a wide range of skills and techniques required to perform at a national level. We support the development of sailors who race regularly at class events. In our class specific training we cover more detailed boat handling and upwind/downwind techniques as well as developing your understanding of boat setup. This training also focuses on racing specific skills such as starting and decision making, regatta techniques and athlete skills.

Suitable for:
Competent sailors looking to develop their skills and/ or improve their results at a national level.

Performance Programmes

The Performance programme is our highest level of training and performance support. Competing at national and international level events is very rewarding but can be very challenging. Our expert coaches have a huge amount of knowledge and experience in both competing and coaching at national and international events. Through careful planning, training is designed specifically for sailors who are looking to compete at the highest level.

Suitable for:
Top level sailors who regularly compete towards the top of national and international events.

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